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Providing Professional Yet Affordable Towing and 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Are you looking for assistance in Laredo, TX? Whether your engine died or you blew a tire, F&A Towing can help! I provide professional roadside assistance services to drivers in Laredo, TX and nearby locations. And if the problem is serious – worry not! I am equipped to perform an excellent towing service.

About My Services

Residential Towing

Residential Towing
I have experience towing various vehicles, including small cars, sports cars, pickup trucks, small vans, family vans, and more. I worked with all sorts of people from all walks of life, and they all can agree on one thing. No matter what they drive, they can rely on me to help them in any situation. 

Commercial Towing

Commercial Towing
The next time you need help transporting your commercial vehicles to a garage, contact me. I have helped many drivers get their rides to a shop or back on the road. I offer professional flatbed towing services at great rates. I can also assist in case of emergencies. Call me now to learn more. 

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance
No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road for hours until help arrives. When in need of timely car towing services or roadside help, call me. I can help you when your car breaks down due to various reasons. My service includes tire change, jumpstarts, fuel delivery, and more. 

Tire Change

Tire Change
Call me for my excellent towing service if you blow a tire and lack a spare. I can help you get to a shop where you can have it fixed. If you have a tire but are not sure how to change it, I will do it for you. I will show you how it is done so you know how to proceed the next time it happens.

Why Choose My Company

F&A Towing is there for you when you need me most! I am available for emergencies and always ready to provide reliable 24-hour roadside assistance. Whether you are stranded on the road or need a quick tire fix, call me. Quick responses are guaranteed. My business is locally owned and operated. I have very competitive and fair rates. You will not break the bank when you call me for help. I guarantee your total satisfaction with the outcome.

About The Process 

Since customer service is my number one priority, when you do business with my towing company in Laredo, TX, your safety is guaranteed. When you call me I will arrive in a marked vehicle, so you will know exactly when I reach you. Reach me at any time when you need help. I will price-match any competitor to give you the finest offer possible. Do not forget to ask for a special discount.

The Areas I Serve 

I am assisting customers from more than one location. In addition to my home city, I also go to the surrounding areas. Here is a list of the places you can see me helping customers:

  • Laredo, TX
  • Rio Bravo, TX
  • El Cenizo, TX
  • Ranchos Penitas West, TX
  • San Ygnacio, TX
  • Ranchitos Las Lomas, TX

For a professional auto towing service, call F&A Towing. With 4 years of experience in this line of work, I believe I am well-prepared for any situation. Reach me today to learn more.

Client Testimonials
by Fred M. Schutz on F&A Towing

I had a great experience with this guy. He was quick and efficient with his job. Thanks for the adequate 24-hour roadside assistance service. I got home safe and on time. I will keep your number handy and call again when I need help in the future. 

F&A Towing
Laredo, TX 78046
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  • Commercial Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Tire Change

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